Planet-smart reporting for procurement

IntoFood's software can understand all of the food your are buying, per site and across your business.  Integrated with your existing procurement systems, you can understand your sustainability profile without having to crunch the numbers yourselves. 

Our sustainability reporting shows you how you are performing in terms of climate change impacts, servings of healthy foods, and use of certified sustainable products.  We benchmark this over time and between your sites, so that you can understand your total sustainability profile, and where your business is over- or under-performing.

Communicating sustainability with your clients is increasingly important for impressing your existing customers, and winning new business.

Planet-smart menu engineering

IntoFood's menu analytics tool puts the sustainability data right into your existing menu management systems.  Your menu development teams can design recipes and food concepts that are profitable, healthy and have lower environmental impacts.  

 By partnering with key systems providers to put this data directly into your menu management systems, you do not have to look elsewhere to understand the sustainability and cost-profile of your different food concepts.

We use carbon footprint as the key indicator of sustainability for recipes and food concepts, but also show you how much organic food you use per recipe.