menu engineering and multiple site reporting

ISS Catering, Norway, were the first client to use IntoFood's integrated menu engineering service.  They now have carbon footprint data on all of their 2000+ recipes in their menu management system Saffron, provided by FD Hospitality (see our Partners list).  This means they are able to create and choose recipes tailored for their customers and sustainability.

In order to understand how these recipes can help across the business, ISS Catering use IntoFood's reporting service to understand the sustainability performance of multiple canteen sites.  By doing this they can communicate with their clients exactly what they are doing about sustainability, and how sites are progressing against sustainability targets from quarter to quarter.

What does this mean for ISS Catering?  They are the largest contract caterer who is able to show that their recipes are designed to be sustainable, based on real metrics, and to show clients exactly what they do for sustainability on each of their sites. 


25% more fruit & veg, 25% lower carbon footprint

Fazer Food Services have a client who wanted to be sure that their canteen service was as healthy and sustainable as possible.  IntoFood's technology helped them to understand their current impacts, remodel their recipes and food concept, and use smart communication techniques in the canteen.  Using IntoFood's reporting, they were able to show their client that they had increased servings of fruit & vegetables by 25%, and reduced their carbon footprint by 25%.  

End result?  A delighted client for them, and a model to use IntoFood to power their own sustainability in the future.

WHo else uses intofood?

Here is a list of just some of the food service businesses that use IntoFood for sustainable menu engineering and sustainability reporting.